Who we are

Habex Agro is a Kenyan based agricultural company with a well-balanced and market focused product mix. One of our key areas is plant nursery, with great specialty and focus on avocados, macadamia and mangoes seedlings.

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With our presence in Kenya and Uganda, we have a unique opportunity to work with farmers to make sustainable living commonplace. This includes the growing, packing and marketing of avocados, macadamia nuts, mangoes and forestry development both economically, environmentally and socially.

Our Values & principles

We seeks to break barriers in agriculture especially to the small and medium scaled farmers by ensuring that we have a positive impact in their lives both economically, socially and the environment. We strive to elevate food insecurity as a whole and for the benefit of the future generation.

Creating better farming future for farmers

  • Uplift living standards through job creation
  • Farmer’s empowerment both economically and socially.

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Our vision

Habex Agro has simple but clear purpose - help farmers maximize their production through fruit and nut farming.

Our key focus is on providing farmers with high quality, fast maturing hybrid seedlings. We ensure that our farmers have high quality seedlings especially on avocado and macadamia that guarantees quality fruits and nuts for the local and export market.

We are committed to ensuring long-term sustainability of our industry by providing customers with the highest quality seedlings and growers with strong prices, innovative services and excellent advice.

Our Farming Model
Sustainable farming model

Habex Agro is committed to the production of high quality seedlings in our nurseries for both our farms and contracted farmers in a bid to achieve highest quality and yields.

Good Agricultural Practices

We employ Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) in our farms to ensure we produce tasty, high quality and safe fresh produce.We ensure that our farmers adhere to global GAP standards.

Habex Agro & environment

We are committed to the continuous protection and improvement of the environment. In a bid to help mitigate climate change, Habex Agro will work in partnerships with farmers and others with a target of planting a million avocado, macadamia and mango trees per year, over a period of next 5 years.

Our aim to promote environmental care and ecological sustainability with economic and social gains to the farmers and society at large.